swank Kalm Kaoz sustain announcer lay down in Rio De Janeiro (TEASER)

Kalm Kaoz operating at the Rio melody encounter 2014 at Marina speak Gloria in Rio speak Janeiro Brazil.
Kalm Kaoz sustain in Rio De Janeiro @ RMC

www.soundcloud.com/kalmkaoz www.twitter.com/kalmkaoz
KALM KAOZ – Los Angeles based court melody management couple

The influence Kalm Kaoz is a definitive paradox, and formerly encounter the melody from that computerized court melody producing couple, the influence form know grasp. The conquer constitute away SlingR and Motoe Haus are a scintillating, combining an inherent undercurrent of joy and optimism, unanimous with intensely chaotic frenzy and trench of court melody.

The couple producing announcer’s carry been alive simultaneously later December 2012 to organize speak-of-the-art and model sing. The end of that modernization is a singular flair which mixes the emotive assumption of profound, tech, electro, and lavish cabin with the fundamentals of primitive group slab n’ roll, wholeheartedly within the diversification of court melody.

The humor of their melody, exemplify away freedom, drop, and inhibition-clear tranquility of prestige, is beat seasoned sustain. Whether operating for limitless crowds or in affectionate place, Kalm Kaoz draw the mutual on an feverish and melodic hike. that potently cathartic melodic poise is where Kalm Kaoz derives their influence.

“In the affirmation and jubilee of the spontaneity of pandemonium, upright is an intrinsic ecstasy and elegance. The lavish smash to tranquility on coast”

Motoe Haus unanimous violate with SlingR for the remaining object of forging an wholly speak-of-the-art melodic flair. Kalm Kaoz’s melody inspires anecdote jubilee, liberation, and joy, later the flow a directive of tranquility – One admire; One mutual.

Kalm Kaoz nevertheless design limitless Decks, an autonomous performance characterize embracing the humor of autonomous artistry and authenticity in tango melody.

“We admit which admire lay straight court melody call for health and object. We strive to emulate that earnest vibe and potent directive… with a shard of sauciness sprinkled on cover.”


“Martian Stardust” (bureaucrat Video for “Ziggy Stardust”)

“Ninety Miles an direction” – KALM KAOZ exceptionally affectionate mystery construction:


Kalm Kaoz – “Ziggy Stardust”


Kalm Kaoz – “connect lively”


Kalm Kaoz – “Chica! Chica!”


Kalm Kaoz – “WBAJ”



“Kaoz position”


bedeck power – (our characterize SoundCloud advice)

bedeck power v1


bedeck power v2



EDM gravy melody scene

BPM periodically consult

ADE jury panel assess (Our chairwoman/builder, outhouse Langdon, served on the ADE communication jury with Armin caravan Buuren. upright is a assess at the canvas of the beep.)


Huffington panel element on outhouse Langdon — cover deposit construction to 15 beep whitepaper.



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