SimCity 5 – action hotbed – Casino capital & wander perk – Sim capital 2013 – HD

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  1. I got a question i updating my game and I for some reason I don't have my Roman luck Casino … What should I do get that?

  2. one works great
    my tips:
    1-2 fully upgraded gambling houses
    skip next casino and get a sleek
    buy 2nd sleek then spam the shores with cruise ship docks (trains wont bring in high wealth)
    once finished, fill an entire avenue with sleek and roman luck, while also preserving the two gambling houses (avenue should stretch along the shore to lure tourists, make room for two aves or an avenue with casinos on each side
    next, upgrade one casino to richy rich
    by now you should make about 80k and hour
    warning, you will have grave yard shifts where you may dip into -20k an hour, this can be fixed with a sci-fi casino
    lastly, make sure all your land is high wealth towers. if you have future cities, get mega towers with commercial based crowns, they will rake in lots of cash
    this formula currently has me making 146k and hour with a 0% tax rate (yes no tax in my city!)

  3. Nice city dude. Great layout! I get hq with 1 small gambling house. just do train station as close as possible and ferry dock. And put a low wealth attraction like dinosaur or ball of yarn. It takes me bout hour to get it every time!

  4. Build a busstation, trainstation and airport right next to your casinos. 3 different levels of stores and your sleek casino will make well over 200.000

  5. nice tips, but i got a tip for you aswell! 🙂 too many 4 wway intersections along the main avenue is never a good idea. it really clogs up your traffic

  6. I would also suggest putting your casinos inside commercial zones so people have to walk past the stores to get to them. Shopping on the way in, shopping on the way out.

  7. I believe gambling profits show in your city specialization bottom line. They don't pay out like when you ship out computers in a lump sum profit.

  8. I have casinos and they make tons of money but none of it shows in my treasury.. whats up with that?? Is there something Im missing?

  9. I have the same question. My Cassinos are gaining like 100.000 day and I dont get this money in the end of the day. I don´t get it.

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  11. I'm also making profits of the gambling but I'm a bit confused. I'd say I earn like 170 000 § per day. BUT I am not earning this much money, in a few days I'd be a millionare but I only earn perhaps 2 000 each day. High societycosts I'd guess.

    Anyways, WHAT SHOULD I BUILD FOR THE GAMBLING HQ? I've considered Lodger rooms as I don't got many hotels, but I am really not sure. :S

    What do you recommend that I build first once the gambling HQ has been upgraded?

  12. so everytime i have a good running gambling house whit a massive 40k profits i have a lack of hotels in my city so maybe you can see whats wrong :

    gambling house is next to a trainstation.
    bus stops in the earea.
    empire state building .
    tower of pizza.
    (random high wealth structure)
    loads of commercial zoning around the culture buildings and gambling house.


  13. I had to problem to many times but i got now great casino city. Get many resident buildings and Industrial zones and make and i got 2 ferry's 3 train stations 1 airport and 2 streetcars 1 in the north 1 in the south and 1 bus station the big one. my max min was 54k and i am now on 44-45k but it goes up and down everytime 😀

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