7 relative’s approach thing For holiday

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36 Replies to “7 relative’s approach thing For holiday”

  1. Some reasonable ideas !! How about the cool home boys that like the relaxed look and not the tight uncomfortable look??

  2. Are women particularly attracted to men like this, like into fashion and name brand designer clothing and the such? Not trying to be rude, obviously I've never even touched anything made by Giorgio Armani, but some of the clothes I'm looking at in the video are way too over the top.

  3. Im looking for a plain white shirt with the same fit as yours, where can i buy it online? Btw i live in Europe. Thanks 🙂

  4. this isnt an attempt to be a hater. just thought you need this perspective Jose. in your vids you frequently use words such as "fruity" that are derogatory words to gay men, specifically feminine gay men. please dont do this as it associates feminitiy with gay men. or feminity with weakness. and masculinity with strength and straight men.

  5. cant watch you anymore,, you came pastal as being fem or wearing pastels makes you gay, you are making it sound that being gay is bad,, trust me with out us gays you wouldnt even know what fashion is,,,

  6. JOSE you are getting better and better, the first time i wathed your video was probably a year ago, you were fucking ugly and awkward, now it's much better, keep it up

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