EventNook – accident patron arrest-In & Badge issuance

EventNook arrest-in director keep a seamless accident arrest-in care respect to administer on-section attendees listing, badge issuance and arrest-in & acceptance with seamless QR establishment leaf about.

For effect issuing QR establishment e-document to attendees for accident acceptance, appeal approve to smoothly leaf about and authenticate QR establishment document and arrest-in relief. appeal eventually approve to smoothly hunt for attendees aside sobriquet, advice automation certified.

For business effect comparable association, concerted effect or laboratory, appeal bucket eventually designate upward to smoothly standard the determine display badge for lanyard. With appeal, you stand’t demand to pre-standard the badges and you bucket instantaneously smoothly standard the badge upon attendee report-in.

With EventNook arrest-in director, you bucket:
– arrest in attendees promptly with iPad or iPad pint-gauge mobile apparatus to administer the highway shifting
– leaf about QR-establishment e-document and authenticate document instantaneously for seamless arrest-in pact and hamper plentiful acceptance of counterfeit sticker
– standard the determine display badge
– hunt for certified attendees aside sobriquet and advice automation
– perceive what’s adventure with relief sample-in on the give

What is EventNook?
EventNook is a dominant accident care program unyielding in Asia whatever represent impeccable make upward-to-make upward connected accident listing and ticketing quick fix.

With EventNook, accident organizers bucket smoothly designate upward connected accident site, accident listing designate, ticketing and connected make in minutes and commence accident site expeditiously. The fundamental keep mobile affable accident ticketing site and represent mobile e-ticketing with low to usage QR leaf about app. EventNook bucket be used for formulate unattended designate of effect such afterward forum, concerted effect, mill, convention, showdown, scold, gala, civil, doctrinal effect, pastime, apply front, exhibitions, etc.

pay integrated with us:
* Twitter: https://twitter.com/eventnook
* Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eventnook/
* Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Eventnook/
* site: http://www.eventnook.com/

* about: http://www.eventnook.com/indulge/about
* How is appeal works: http://sketch.eventnook.com/

connection us:
*advice automation: hello@eventnook.com
*dial: +65 6681-6571

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