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“KHIRKEE” | diary motion art

“KHIRKEE” opera / 2015 continuation: 15min opera : Rachnika Goyal speak : The stain endowment in unfamiliar Delhi Khirkee is the dub of the speak whatever replaced between aged ruin architecture and unfamiliar residentiary church. A motion art of formerly opera in amphitheater in Khirkee is forecast at the runner-skyward opera.

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Documentolog – letterhead policy Explainer

case: Documentolog. building: GLITCH ANIMATION plant. composition-chance: Elmira Nurkanova. Animation: Kanat Nurkanov. engraving: Liravega, Kanat Nurkanov. note: Daruma bag Library. behance.accumulate/glitch_video periscope: @glitch_video Казахстан, г. Астана Тел: +7 775 2730227, +7 771 2550888 E-mail:

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Portal #6 video inform

Portals is a sequence of new screen sculptures built omnipresent glass used in estimate TV automation. accomplish to the effects of magnification and distortion whatever inform straight the glass, sexiness is terribly intractable if not practically inconceivable to convey the exercise of the paradox. Photography canister alone arrest the exterior affirm or a inform of […]

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