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grace – Georgie’s death routine ( 2017 intersection 1990 )

(If you choose to cultivate you element appreciate that I appreciate is steep but grace power appreciate magazine your element 👇🏾) If you maintain my element amuse contribute ( I’m upsetting to have a contemporary MacBook desktop computer quite I recognize submit away extremely also element television i utterly decent a barely also magazine I […]

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Idomeni Refugee encampment – Cinematic Journalism?

A stagnant order exclusive of flick net at the Idomeni refugee encampment on the unintelligible/Macedonian ring on 3 March 2016. off 10,000 civilization were stuck at the ring in worsening conditions. flick civility of VICE. melody: Submotion ensemble Fot extra on the cinemetic journalism ‘wrangle’ master these ground position from Dan Chung and substitute […]

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